Sports and Girls' Health

Absolutely all specialists in the field of women's health - gynecologists, mammalogists, reproductive specialists, nutritionists - believe that sports should occupy an important place in the life of every girl. Regular training energizes, unloads the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, cardiovascular and other body systems.

However, it must be understood that not every sport is useful for women's health. You need to focus not only on your preferences but also on the recommendations of specialists. Depending on the period of life, the state of health, and the needs of the body, girls should choose one or another type of fitness.

Sports Suitable for Girls

First of all, you need to find out which types of physical activity are most suitable for women, and which ones should be avoided. Unlike men's, women's physiology is not naturally created for very difficult physical activities. Therefore, any excessive loads and intense strength training are not desirable for the tender sex.

  1. Aerobics, Gymnastics
  2. You don't need any special equipment to get started. The level of load is selected individually depending on sports training. The result of the classes will be a slender flexible embossed body, excellent posture, and stretching.

  3. Aqua Aerobics, Pool
  4. Water procedures are pleasant, and if you combine them with exercises, you can greatly strengthen your health and body. Exercises in the water are best suited for those who suffer from problems with the spine, the load on it will be much less.

  5. Sport Games
  6. Basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton are not only fun but also help to keep fit. Regular games will help the girl to always stay slim and become a personal hobby.

  7. Gym
  8. Treadmill, exercise bike - these assistants will burn calories, remove excess fat and give you an excellent athletic shape. You can put them at home or visit the gym in the fitness center.

Sports Chemistry

Have you ever experienced a state of euphoria after a workout? When all the worries go away from the head, and in return, there is a feeling of excitement? Changes can be felt already in the first minutes of the session. Studies say that the effect lasts for another 12 hours.

It's all about brain chemistry. Movement for our ancestors is associated with survival, so the chemistry is arranged so that we like to move. Physical activity stimulates dopamine, endorphin, and serotonin. You may have heard that they are called "hormones of happiness."

  • Dopamine. The feeling of pleasant anticipation at the beginning of a workout is dopamine. It reinforces survival activities with joy, so it encourages physical activity with the feeling of "I've done well."
  • Endorphin. When your heart rate increases during a workout, your body becomes stressed and releases endorphins in response. Endorphin relieves inflammation, reduces pain, and gives a feeling of euphoria.
  • Serotonin. Serotonin is directly related to training. One of its functions is to regulate muscle activity. The brain sends impulses to motor neurons, they send signals to muscle tissue cells. When muscles contract, serotonin is released and you enjoy your workout.

A person goes through all these stages not only during sports but for example, playing in an online casino. When you open , you feel the anticipation and excitement of the future game. After starting to play, you experience stress and endorphins are released. It helps you calm down. And when you get another win, serotonin is released. You feel happy and enjoy the game.

Enjoy your free time. Choose useful hobbies! Stimulate your happiness hormones and stay healthy.